Welcome to ACE Therapy

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Located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, it is my personal goal to improve your animal’s quality of life by helping to alleviate chronic or performance related ailments through preventive therapy and sports massage.

Equine Therapy and Canine Therapy includes the treatment of general muscle weaknesses, along with a variety of therapeutic approaches which incorporates a post-surgical rehab program when necessary.

Equine Therapy and Canine Therapy also allows for injury prevention, by alleviating general and specific body imbalances before it affects your animal’s movement. Most animals hide or compensate their imbalances and pain. This natural survival mechanism allows for chronic discomfort and overall imbalances to be present before they can be detected by the human eye. Preventive treatment allows for these problems to be addressed before it affects your animal’s muscular and structural makeup.

Equine/Canine Therapy can balance your animal’s body and maintain its optimal structure. Today’s advances in integrated treatments have proven to be beneficial to your animal’s overall movement, range of motion, longevity and wellness. The results of using these proven complementary therapies have allowed for success and growth in my practice.

We all love our animals and put a lot of time into their well being – make routine therapy part of their lifestyle.