“Kristen has been performing post surgical rehabilitation for my orthopedic patients for the past three years.  She is passionate about animal rehab and it shows through her energy and dedication to herACE Therapy Brody patients.  Her relaxed demeanor creates a good atmosphere and she is tough enough to ensure that patients make meaningful progress.  She is a big part of why we have such success in quickly getting our surgical patients back to their normal routines.  Kristen is a great asset to the field of animal rehab therapy.”   – Dr. Tom  McKenzie Veterinary Services




ACE Therapy Rusty2


“Kristen is truly amazing. About a year and half ago, our six year old Nova Scotia Toller had major surgery along his back (19 staples once the surgery was done) due to compressed discs. His recovery process has been a long haul, especially in building his skills to walk again. We were looking for someone who could come to our home because of Rusty’s immobility, and we found Kristen. What a gift for us and for Rusty. We’ve had multiple good vets and dog rehabilitation professionals help in Rusty’s recovery, but it’s Kristen we have relied on the most. Her expert knowledge, technical skills, and her wide-ranging treatments have helped Rusty make significant improvements. He is now walking again, able to do steps again, getting in the car by himself, occasionally (crow-hop) running, and getting into mischief. Kristen found us a ramp for the car, investigates medical questions for us, and Rusty loves to see her. When he has setbacks, it is Kristen we turn to – she provides guidance on Rusty’s health beyond what is required of her, makes herself available at short notice, and most importantly has a special way of knowing what our little dog needs. We are so grateful to have found Kristen.”  – Rita, William & Rusty



ACE Therapy Tessa

I have had Kristen work with all of the horses here at the barn. Her treatments include techniques such as massage, ting point therapy, stretching exercises as well as checking every horse’s saddle to make sure it is an appropriate fit. Kristen has improved our horses’ performance and movement as well as eliminated any chronic painful areas. She works on a variety of different issues from maintenance work with show horses to helping chronically lame horses become comfortable and rideable again. Kristen even works with our dogs at the farm.  -Tessa Fry :Owner of Stoneridge Stable/CECC





Ace Therapy JEEP“We feel so lucky to have been able to hire Kristen to work on some of our horses and give them the attention they deserve.  Our Therapeutic horses have a very special but difficult job.  They have to be extra sound in mind and body to be able to perform their jobs.  Kristen has given some of our horses massage treatments and made custom physio programs for particular horses.  She has given us exercises and stretches to work with on our horses after she has left in order to improve the horse’s flexibility, strength and range of motion.  Kristen has been nothing but thoughtful in considering each horse as an individual taking breed, temperament, conformation and discipline into consideration. She looks at the whole picture of the horses’ care, tack, feed and routine in order to treat and make realistic recommendations that are achievable for both the horse and client.  This has led to great improvements in our horses.  Kristen donates her time to riding one of our therapy horses, helping keep that horse fit and supple.  She has also generously donated her time to giving our volunteers a workshop on stretching the horses.  The stretches she taught us were simple, yet very effective and have been an important addition to our horse’s routine care.  We thank Kristen for her time and expertise when working without horses.”   Liz Gagel Victoria Therapeutic Riding Association