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Advanced Connections Therapy Rehab Centre offers your dog a calm, stress free environment to allow your dog to feel at ease while focusing on his/her rehabilitation.

Each patient has an in-depth evaluation to identify the compensations and weaknesses present to explain why your dog is experiencing pain and body imbalance. This allows us to create an individual rehab program for your dog’s specific injury and compensation whether it be a surgical, muscular, ligament or other body ailments.

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Your dog’s gait, muscular presentation, range of motion and overall movement and structural stance will be examined to help with the rehab regime that will recommended. The equipment available at the Rehab Centre provides your dog with active exercises along with massage and physical therapy to promote core strengthening to help achieve and maintain the goal of body balance.

We will put together a home program to help with your dog’s recovery to reach your goal of muscular and structural strength which will assist in achieving and maintaining optimal body health, therefore improving your dog’s quality of life.

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