The goal of rehabilitation is to return each patient to normal function as quickly as possible and to restore the full range of movement and strength to injured and compensated areas of the body. Rehab plays a significant role in making the progression of post surgery recovery more efficient with less chance of relapse.

Like humans, when dogs or cats are injured or undergo major orthopedic surgery they require a rehab jimmyprogram. This allows owners to have a weekly, structured schedule outlining which stretches and exercises are expected for their pet’s rehab post surgery. Along with a weekly overview of each individual animal’s progress, this guided regime has been proven to optimize recovery under the direction of a trained professional.

The benefits of a rehab and massage program:

* Structured rehabilitation program to assist you and your dog with post surgery recovery, promoting an improved and quicker return to normal function .

* Relief from pain caused by muscle tension which aids in the reduction of swelling and inflammation therefore improving the healing process.

* Improvement of joint flexibility and overall mobility in the short and long term which helps decrease the tendency of compensatory muscles.

* Assist in tissue and muscle growth and repair as well as helping to restore normal anatomical structure and strength.

* Improved co-ordination and balance by controlled exercises.

With rehab program, our clients have noticed a significant positive difference in their animal’s recovery post operatively. They see the importance of incorporating stretching and strengthening exercises into the course of their dog’s healing and understand their part in the whole process.

Rehab therapy is an irreplaceable part of post-surgical care.



Jake on the balance board