Orthotic Braces

Brody 6yr

The most common orthopedic injury in dogs is the cruciate ligament tear, whether it be a partial or complete tear, most dogs if the ligament is compromised usually undergo a surgical procedure to correct this problem. If surgery is not a option due to health concerns for the pet or financial concerns for the owner, a custom orthotic brace is a viable alternative.  The main purpose of the brace is to provide external stabilization of their compromised joint and facilitate normal movement and use of the weak limb.


ACE Therapy Brace-Onyx

Working in partnership with Tim we are able to provide custom braces and are committed to providing you and your dog with the best care possible. We also offer not only custom orthotic braces but custom carts and limb prostetics. We guarantee to work with you and your dog to achieve the best possible outcome.




Ace Therapy DallasDue to the individual differences in dogs and injuries, there is no guarantee your dog will regain full function of the limb.





“Osa used to be an avid Frisbee player even in her senior years; however, one time after running and jumping for the Frisbee we realized that something had gone wrong. Osa had landed funny and shortly after was diagnosed by her vet as having an ACL injury.  After trying conservative therapy and not having much success we were contemplating surgery – although were concerned as Osa was already 9 years old and worried how she would fair going through major surgery.  I came across Kristen’s website when looking for a therapist that specialized in animal massage therapy and rehab therapy.  Osa enjoyed her sessions with Kristen and after a few sessions we discussed an orthopedic brace for Osa.  I felt that it was definitely worth a try as I didn’t feel surgery was a good option for her.  Kristen was fantastic throughout the entire process.  They made Osa comfortable throughout the casting and took the time necessary to ensure that it fit and functioned properly once it was made.  It took Osa exactly one day to get used to her new leg brace and quickly learned that she was more stable and mobile than before.  Once again Osa was able to do what she loves the most – going for walks!  It’s now been over a year and a half since Osa got her brace and over that time her knee has stabilized to the point where she no longer requires the brace while in the house.  She still loves it though, and will lie down and stretch out her back leg when it is time to put it on! If you are looking for an alternative to surgery or added support for your dog after surgery a custom fitted brace is well worth the investment.”  – Kara & Osa