So proud to work for McKenzie Veterinary Services and to have volunteered for such an amazing project, Mexi-Can Vet Project
Spay/Neuter Clinic November 2013 (149 photos)
This was an amazing and exhausting spay and neuter clinic. Over thre…e and a half days we sterilized 242 dogs and cats, and did about ten consults and three dentals. Lots of kittens and puppies but no pregnant animals. We worked with Pets For Life directed by Paulina Stettner and with veterinarians Dr. Anthony Garcia and Dr. Poli Lopez. Dr. Carolyn Buxton brought two assistants from South Burnaby Veterinary Services, and Dr. Carla Bell of Sasseenos Veterinary Services pitched in for the entire clinic. About 40 local volunteers from Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue worked so hard to make this the most successful clinic ever held in that area.   By the end of the second day the euphoria of being busy and getting the clinic going had been replaced by fatigue, due to long days, 30 C and 85% humidity, and lots of after clinic swimming and eating out late. On Friday night the heavens opened with hard rain which had us scrambling the last morning of the clinic to squeeze all the recovery tables under shelter. Despite the downpour we managed to complete the clinic and clean up the space.   The situation with dogs and cats in this area has continued to improve, the message is getting out about the importance of sterilization in controlling the population of homeless animals.   We wish to thank all of you who worked so hard and who made donations or fund-raised for the Mexi-Can Vet Project….not only have contributions made this change happen, the money is used also by Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue throughout the year to help treat sick and injured animals and also allows the sterilization of more animals.   Dr. Malcolm Macartney — at La Peñita