About Kristen Giglio

Certified Equine Sports Therapist * Certified Canine Rehab Level 2 * Animal Health Veterinary Technician

Since I can remember I have been drawn to animals. This continued passion and connection I feel towards them has made me extremely driven to dedicate my career to their well being.

In my early teens my horse pulled his left hind hamstring muscle group, and the only treatments available to him were anti-inflammatories, pain killers and stall rest. Even at that young age I felt frustrated by the limited options, and thought that there must be an alternative. This experience was what inspired me to begin my career as a rehabilitation therapist for animals.

After high school graduation, there were no Universities that offered animal therapy or rehab. Upon researching the medical profession and wanting to expand my medical knowledge, I applied to a University to be an Animal Health/Veterinary Technician in 1996.

ACE Therpay RR

After working in the Vet industry for 8 years and laying the foundation of my medical knowledge and desired future, I worked at a small and large animal Vet Practice and then went on to work with another Vet who specifically treated animals with both Traditional and Eastern Medicine.

In 2001 I was then accepted to the B.C. College of Equine Therapy, a 2 year program with an extensive curriculum specializing in Equine Therapy. After graduating in 2004 I started my professional practice and to date have successfully treated hundreds of horses for numerous weaknesses and injuries, but also as preventive therapy, incorporating different modalities of therapy into each session.

Along with numerous post-grad lectures and conferences that I have attended since my certification, I was accepted into the University of Tennessee Canine Rehab Practitioner Program.  Over the past few years, I have worked closely with Dr. Tom creating a rehab program for his Orthopedic patients and have noted significant improvement in the recovery since the integration.


Because I, myself have suffered from injuries that I would not have recovered from without the treatment and options of complimentary rehab therapy; I have lived out how the body compensates and how much these therapies and structured programs are crucial to the body’s healing process.

It is my personal goal to improve your animal’s quality of life by helping to alleviate chronic, performance  or surgical related ailments through preventive rehab therapy along with sports massage.