Halloween is a fun time for kids and their families, but for your pets, it can be the scariest night of all.  Here are 10 tips to keep your pets safe and stress free:

  1.     It is important that your pet have proper identification.  With the door opening and closing repeatedly, your pet may get scared and run out the door.
  2.     The     treats are for the kids not the pets.  Make sure to keep all candy your pets’ reach.  Chocolate, especially dark or baking chocolate, along with any gum or baked goods that contain xylitol, an artificial     sweetner, can be toxic to your pets.
  3.     Make sure to keep all discarded candy wrappers out of your pets reach. They can cause an internal blockage. All wrappers and packaging should be placed in the trash where you pets cannot get to them.
  4.     Pets should be kept inside.  You do not want them to become the target of someone who may want to tease, hurt or worse steal your pet.
  5.     Pumpkins and decorative corn can cause stomach upset if eaten.  Again, keep them out of reach of your pets.
  6.     Keep all wires and cords from electrical items and decorations out of reach. Your pet can suffer serious injury if they chew the wire.
  7.     Carved pumpkins are fun and festive but be careful if you place a candle in one. They can easily be knocked over by your pet which in turn can cause them to get burned or even start a fire.
  8.     Although they look cute in costumes, do not put your pet in one unless you know they will enjoy it.  Always make sure it is not constricting for them and     that is does not interfere with their movement, hearing, vision or allowing them to breathe.  Always supervise your pet when it is in its costume     to make sure they do not chew on it.
  9.     If your pet is not social, keep them in a separate room away from the festivities.  A lot of activity and strangers can be very stressful and scary.
  10.     As much fun as it is for the kids, it is not a good idea to take your dog trick or treating with you. They may become over excited and scared and may end up biting someone.